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Making Masculine

Making Masculine

Making Masculine

stand tall. stand loud. stand proud.

(Dir. Nicholas Swatz)

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from the director

"This film is very important. It is by no means an answer. Instead, it serves as the beginning of the conversation. No person, whether they be gay, straight, bi, trans, intersex, non-binary, or else should be made to think for one second that they are lesser than any other person. It is my mission in life to teach others that they should walk tall, and be proud of who they are... exactly how they are. Being a filmmaker, I believe that film is the best vehicle to begin that movement. Whoever you are, stand tall, stand loud and most importantly always, always stand proud."

~ Nicholas Swatz

about the film

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Making Masculine is a documentary about the constructs of masculinity and pressure that society places on all of us to fit into a heteronormative culture. 

Director Nicholas Swatz turns the camera on himself to share his personal experiences with femmephobia within gay culture, and how he had to find a sense of peace with his feminine characteristics. We also hear from Justin Gerhard, a Canadian actor who has made an online-personality out of his sexuality in the form of The Gay Men Channel on Youtube, and how he challenges the masculine 'norm' that has followed him since childhood. Dakota Conduct, a Chicago-based drag queen who embraced drag culture in response to the Trump presidency, shares personal triumphs after coming out and being rejected by family. Farah Ali, a clinical psychologist explains the psychological effects that the coming out process has on LGBT youth, and where low self-worth comes into play in the story. All of these stories come together to express the sense of pride that all LGBT people must possess in order to be unapologetically themselves, every day.