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Creatives in Retrograde

When I was in high school, my theatre teacher always had us play a little game. It was called "If You Knew Me, You'd Know That...", and then you were to fill in the blank. Well...

If you knew me, you'd know that I take astrological signs and signs from the Universe very seriously. I am a die-hard Cancer sign, a moon child, ruled by water and the tides. I have always felt a certain connection to the moon and to water. In fact, I wrote about this in one of my first posts in the creative journal. 

Ever since I moved to Chicago, being closer to the lake (you know the one), I have felt as if my pull to creativity, in either direction, has been much stronger. The shifts in the Universe have a much heavier effect on me.

art by: Baby Pomegranate Productions

art by: Baby Pomegranate Productions

Mercury has been in retrograde for a while, March 22 - April 15 to be exact, and my life has been in complete turmoil: creatively, spiritually, and physically.

Now that I am starting to get my "land legs" back after all of this, I thought now would be a good time to let you all in on a very important part of my creative process, and in how I find inspiration.

Some call it prayer, some call it meditation, some call it staring at a wall... whatever your name for it is, it WORKS!

Each day, I light some incense, clutch a very special quartz crystal that I've had for many years, and I do a simple tarot reading for myself. I always jot down my interpretation of the cards in a little journal that I keep full of my ideas, dreams, inspirations, quotes, sketches, etc. That book goes with me everywhere I go. I don't always read back through it, but instead it acts as my sounding board and a safe place to write down my ideas - however good or bad they may be. Sometimes, they even manifest into films, photoshoots, or something else creative. 

The interesting thing is, whenever Mercury goes into retrograde, I can feel the creativity drain from my mind. I get incredibly lazy, I stop working out, I can't sleep, my dreams get weird, and basically, my life falls apart. But, I still write. Whenever I do look back on periods in my "ideas" that I received while this time of turbulence was ruling, I always find a little nugget that I just wasn't able to see at the time. 

Moral of the story: Trust your creative instincts. Many of the short films and creative projects that are coming to fruition this year through Baby Pomegranate Productions were born during Mercury Retrograde. 

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