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Who Needs A Christmas Card?

Dir./DP. Nicholas Swatz

Producer Jenny Ruff

Shot on: Sony A7S2, Zeiss 50mm, DJI Ronin-M

Photo Edits | Nicholas Swatz


Getting a call from The Ruffs to do a creative project is hands down one of the best feelings ever. Why? Because the mind of Jenny works in mysterious ways, indeed.

Some of you may remember her birthday invite video. She has such a way of bringing a unique perspective to things that have been done a million times. This time, it was the holiday card. We workshopped a few different ideas together, but none of them were really Jenny enough. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting her, you know exactly what I mean. Then, the inspiration struck - COCKTAILS WITH THE CLAUS’! “I’m here for it”, I respond, “but let’s take it a step further. Since your invite video was such a hit, let’s give people a little more than just a holiday card to hang on their fridge. Let’s really capture the moment.”

The creativity doesn’t stop there. Not only are we going to travel through time and go for a vintage cocktail party, but we are going to have a full-on, booze-fueled, holly jolly Christmas and the youngest of the clan is going to crash the adult party when Santa and Mrs. Claus come to deck the halls at the soirée of the year after he’s made his rounds to all the good boys and girls, of course.

“Like the old Coke commercials?!”, I say? And like a flash, the idea was born, and there was no turning back. It was just the right mix of holiday, vintage, extra-ness, and fun that we were looking for - a perfect cocktail, if you will.

Vintage Santa.jpg
Nicholas Swatz